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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Subject: Ahh!
Ah! Many apologies for not writing for awhile! I'll have to make it up, by making this one extra long :]. Today has been a long day, but i'll talk about the other days a little first, because i just KNOW you want to be updated on what goes on in my personal life xD. I really need to keep this blogger updated like i used to. I know i'm going to change the layout today, along with the song..(If i can find the one i want to use.) You know me and my music <3

I love the song "Holding out for a Hero" by Frou Frou. :] If you have never heard Frou Frou, then i recomend it! <3 I found out about the song last night, and i've been addicted ever since. ^^. The picture at the top is from Full moon! I love anime, what would i do without it! (a little voice is telling me that i would have a real life. xD)...People are saying that anime is effecting the way people think in school..That's not always true xD I mean sure, i'm insane about it..But it doesn't consume my WHOLE life...

This last weekend i had an ok time. I went and saw Harry Potter Goblet of Fire. And it was pretty sweet. Though it wasn't exatly like the book, i still loved it! I recomend it. I also saw Ryan Martini there! Haha i miss Ryan! It was nice seeing him..I wish we could have hung out, but i would have been interupting his and his sisters time as 'family bonding'. xD I was just there..randomly. My little cousin loved the movie a little too much. I was about to beat her over the head with a bat. o__0. I found more Tsubasa pictures <3 and also Full metal panic. I bought Full metal panic fumoffu <3 That is a must see i'm tellin you :]. If you have never seen Full metal panic, even the other series, then i'm going to come over there and make you! 'Cause it's such a wicked show. Also I can't wait for Kingdom hearts 2...I might have to kill people for it o_o;.

The other night i forgot about my bike contour project that was due at school, so yah know i was up till 2 a.m. last night doin' it. -sigh- I thought it was due next week, but it was due today..So natrually i was tired..But i still got up on time..(thank god). If i would have slept any longer, i would have not have had time to turn in my algebra, and all my work ya know...I got to school yesterday morning, and poor Joanne is sick..Awww. But she's to stubborn to go home sick..She doesn't want to miss school at all. I just wish she would go home and get some rest. I had another Mythology quiz today, and natrually i probably failed it..Oh well. Man yesterday was like national quiz day! I had a quiz in almost everything xD. I was about to go murder all the teachers! I mean seriously, this week is thanksgiving, give us a break? I hate spanish so much, my teacher is like Bi polar lol! She is all happy once second, then all..rwar the next. All i know is that she can really make you pee yourself. Lee and Ann (the twins) were running around outside after school, and i almost got killed. They are so funny :] Bf4l <3. Right now i am watching tv, and editing my xanga, blogger, and my space. But soon my blogger will be closed. I am doing all of this, even though i should be making my spanish flash cards, but you know me, i'll wait till like 11 to even get them out, haha. I need to work harder at school work...Or else i'll fail! What were they thinking putting me in high levels!

Ok, so for today! It was a long day, even though we got out at 1:50 today. I was late waking up this morning, but since i got skillz, i got there on time! haha. I rock xD. And i even had time to get to my locker today, haha. Joanne and Ash met me there and we went to the auditorium for an hour and thirty minute mass thing, which was pretty wicked because we had EXTREAMLY short classes... And let me tell you, i look like a doll this morning with my hair everywhere and my clothes a mess xD. haha. So cute, nahhhhh!I mean today was also like national quiz day..I mean geeeze. We also had a lot of tests, but hey at least now it's turkey day break! yeahhhh! It's awesome! I love days off, but then again i never have anything constructive to do,haha. Oh well. I can't wait till the "March for Life 2006" in January! I really want to go sooo bad! =] It's going to be awesome...! Me and Ash have been talking about it the last..month haha. We are DEFFINATLY going...As soon as i can get the money to go. If i do go though, i get 2 days off from school! Right now we're really working on the abortion thing BIG time in awareness class. Right now i am watching t.v. and baby sitting my little cousin..which is annoying as hell >.> She keeps poking me..*sigh*

Anyway, i promise, if i don't write every day, i'll write AT LEAST every 3-4 days. LAtly, it's been getting harder and harder for me to type, when i have a forum and everything, PLUS people IMin me all the time..And helping my TOTALLY EMO friends from becoming EMO..ER..Gah...So yeah, i'll write more soon <3

Image hosted by <3 Kirsten

Thursday, November 17, 2005
Subject: Good Morning~
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Mornin`! How are you lovely people this fine mornin`? ;] I`m doin` great. Suprisin`ly i slept very well last night! I curled up with Daina :] <3 She`s my puppy. haha. I usually have a hard time sleepin`, and i don`t know why. But i think that problem is now cured for awhile yet again, :]. Right now i`m watchin` and polar bear little kid show. It`s so kawaii! <3 There`s little baby polar bears and they are waddlin` around haha. So adorable. :] One of my favorite animals is a Polar bear. But i think my ALL time favorite would have to be a wolf Image hosted by I also like Horses and puppies <3 I love most animals haha. I`m so hungry right now and Daina is laying on my bed sleepin`. What to do what to do. Not sure, but that`s all for now~

*smoosh* <3 Kirsten

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Subject: Wow!
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Hey! Wow, i'm sorry i havn't posted latly :]; I've been veru busy working on me and arimi's (laur's) site :]! It's pretty cool take a look here Site =D It's pretty wicked compared to when we first started it ^^.
Well let's see, right now i am very bored! and eating a baked potato! haha. Shit the phone is ringing, so i don't need to bother saying BRB.....
...Back hahaha. Miss the call xP wow i'm such a dork. Anyway, nothing really interesting ever happens here..It's the same old same old. Everything is always the same. So sorry if what i talk about is old news or boring.
Right now i am listening to Utada hikaru <3 oh yes.
I have decided, i be...either..a man...or Kaname Chidori D: Serrrlousssllyy hahaha. No i'm dead serious. :]
Calling you calling you home <3
That's all for now ^^
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Saturday, November 12, 2005
Subject: Wheee
Ok, so i updated the site and everything, how do you like the new template? haha i love it, and i also love the MCR in the backround :]
I don't feel like typing right now :];
so i'm just gonna post some pics!

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Subject: Opening back up
Yes, i have cleared things up with some people, i am feeling better, and i WILL be re-opening the site. Today it will be under construction~
(Yeah i know i wasn't gone for long.)

Friday, November 11, 2005
Subject: Closed
*sigh* well this is really hard for me, but since my feelings are deeply hurt, i'm leaving the internet for awhile...shutting down my laptop and leaving...I'm sorry there will be no more entries for ahwile but yeah. It's closed
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Contact info:
If you wanna e-mail me:
My cellular: 513-262-3225

*one last smoosh*

Subject: *sigh*
Ok, so i didn't go to school today because i threw up twice this morning. So i stayed home and lie in bed with my laptop..I posted some on Kingdom key, and yeah i'm prole not going to post anymore, because the males there hate me because i "spam" too much, well exscuse me it's hard not to spam on a forum, you post there to meet friends right? yeah well that's what i was doing >.<; I don't understand why they have a stick up their asses >.>.Image hosted by mean some of the chicks enjoy me being there, but nooo the males have to be douche bags. I mean they spam ALL the time, i see it in the threads, yet i'm not aloud to spam a little? Pssh..yeah well as much as i love that forum, i would rather not get yelled at every minute by one of the males about how i spam too much, so i guess i'm just stuck here posting about my life, and chatting with my friends, at least they love me. Image hosted by Photobucket.comI tried really hard to fit in, but no matter where i go, i don't fit in anywhere. :[ *sigh* oh well. u_u...I'm sick, so i'm going to go lay down now..yeah..later...


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